The Maxi72 Rule (M72 Rule) intends to produce a class of maxi size fast monohulls for high quality Owner Driver racing. The Maxi72 Rule is a development rule limited by the restrictions of the rating rule of choice, currently IRC, and a few “class factors” as length and draft.

Maxi72s race on corrected time. The class members may add or delete “class factors”, so change the M72 Rule, by a 2/3rd majority vote at their Annual Meeting. Principally the existing fleet will be protected by grandfathering in case a rule change threatens to take a boat out of class.

However accommodating protection or grandfathering certain features is at the full discretion of the M72 Class and not conferred as a right by the issue of a M72 Certificate.

The M72 Class reserves the right to refuse or award a M72 Certificate as it considers appropriate and to interpret clauses of the M72 Rule at any time. Members, crew, designers and builders carry the responsibility for complying with the intent and spirit of the M72 Rule.

The 2018 Maxi72 Rule has just been published. No dramatic changes from previous versions, just a few improvements resulting from racing this year. For those interested, download the 2018 rule, the changes from 2017 are in red.