The Maxi 72 (M72) is a development of the International Maxi Association fleet called Mini Maxi Racer. Basically the boat is a 72ft LH high quality one-off racer designed and build to compete in offshore races as well as coastal and WL races on IRC corrrected time.

Besides compliance with the IRC Rule there are a few class specific restrictions. Main restriction obviously is that the Hull Length shall not be longer than 72ft (21,946 m). But there are others:
- Monohull
- LH: Between 18.75 and 21.946 meter.
- Draft: Maximum 5,40 meter.
- One fixed centreline keel, solid in profile. No part shall be adjustable when racing
  and there shall be no movement beyond the normal elasticity of the materials
  used. No wings or winglets.
- No alternative appendages or “ballast system”, like the so-called “dynamic”
  systems or water ballast, etc.
- One single blade centreline rudder without endplate(s), or a twin rudder
  configuration with both rudders on the same position fwd/aft and from the
  centreline, again single blades without (endplates).
- One mast, fractional sloop rig. The mast shall be keelstepped, straight (not
  permanently bent), structurally continuous (non articulating) from the maststep to
  the top and rigged to chainplates attached to the hull, so not free standing or
  rigged to the mast itself.
- One fixed bowsprit, no spipoles.
- No exterior chainplates, other than ones extending a maximum of 0.02 meter
  from the hull.

Aim certainly is not to deviate from the IRC optimum and keep the number of restrictions to a minimum. It is a development class. So developments in rules and equipment will be closely monitored and incorporated in the rule where required.